Childbirth, one of nature’s most beautiful and meaningful experiences can often turn out to be a difficult and painful process with great health risks. For centuries, women have suffered through the labor process, believing that the agonizing pain that they must endure is inevitable.

During pregnancy, the PC muscle, which helps support internal organs as well as the fetus, uterus, amniotic fluid and the placenta is highly strained. With the heavy load pressing down on it, the muscle tends to stretch and sag. No longer being as flexible and tight, some of the vital functions of the muscle are affected. One of the most important functions of the PC muscle is urinary control and regulation. Stretching of the muscle keeps it from properly contracting. The flaccid muscle causes uncontrollable leakage of urine, a condition referred to as stress incontinence.

In 1948, Dr. Arnold Kegel discovered the key to curing post-pregnancy incontinence. Through simple exercises of squeezing the PC muscle against resistance, Dr. Kegel was able to achieve a 93% success rate in his patients. All this without invasive and dangerous surgery.

Virtually all doctors now recognize the importance of strengthening the PC muscle, or pelvic floor. Resistance exercise is especially effective during the pre and post pregnancy period. Kegel exercises, which specifically target the PC muscle through repetitive squeezing, are by far the most effective way of curing incontinence non-surgically. In order to be effective however, these exercises must be done correctly, specifically targeting the necessary areas.

Prior to pregnancy, resistance exercises serve to condition the PC muscle making it much less likely to be damaged during the labor process. The exercises also restore strength and flexibility to the muscle, making childbirth a much less strenuous process.

Post pregnancy, kegel exercise is also necessary in the rehabilitation of damaged and stretched out muscles. A quick and natural recovery without invasive surgery can be achieved by “working out” the necessary parts of the vagina through proper resistance exercise.