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Gizlabs, Inc. is a leader and innovator in the field of natural health and kegel exercise solutions. Since our inception in 2000, we have helped thousands of women treat their incontinence; prepare and recover from pregnancy; and exercise their pelvic muscles for better overall and sexual health with the help of our patented KegelPro kegel exerciser.

We stand behind our product and our clients, and are dedicated in our commitment to bring an inexpensive and effective kegel exerciser to the millions of women worldwide who need a solution to their problem or who are just looking for an easy way to pinpoint their vaginal muscles and benefit from strengthening them. There are other products that cost 3 times as much and are simply unaffordable. We are now introducing an information and blog section where you can read about the latest news in the field of kegel exercise and incontinence as well as post your questions, comments and opinions to share with others with similar concerns. This section is totally free and part of our commitment to serve our community by bringing you important information and a forum to have your questions answered. Check back frequently for a new line of natural health products that we will be introducing in a short while, or sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you updated.

We are proud to be an American Company; our product is manufactured in the United States of America to the highest standards of pharmaceutical grade quality controls. We welcome you to our site and encourage you to join the thousands of women who have tried and used the KegelPro exerciser.