Over 190 million adults are afflicted with incontinence. 85% are women. Urinary incontinence affects 3 out of 4 women and causes grim physical as well as psychological consequences. The most common form of the disorder is urinary incontinence, which leads to uncontrollable leakage of urine while laughing, coughing, sneezing or lifting to severe cases where the disorder causes total loss of control of urinary function. Severe or not the condition deserves critical attention.

Incontinence is caused by laxity of the PC muscle. During urination, muscles located along the walls of the bladder contract forcing urine out of the bladder and into the urethra. Laxity in the PC muscle leads to improper release and hold functions necessary in the control of urination.

Due to the embarrassing nature of the dysfunction, many women do not seek proper treatment. Left untreated, incontinence causes rashes and skin infections, along with other psychological and social disorders. Others who do seek treatment often turn to invasive and costly surgery to cure the problem. Over 100,000 women are hospitalized each year as a result. Many of these surgeries could be avoided through proper exercise of the PC muscle.

In 1948, Dr. Kegel discovered the pelvic floor, or PC muscle and developed an exercise designed to cure the disorder. Dr. Kegel realized that the simple exercise of contracting and relaxing the PC muscle resulted in the muscle becoming tighter and stronger. The exercise later named "kegels" was found to increase muscle volume and resulted in stronger reflex contractions. Dr. Kegel went on to develop variations on the exercise targeted towards women with damaged PC muscles due to childbirth or naturally occurring Incontinence. However, because of the difficulty of targeting the muscle, more than half of all women who try the exercise target the wrong muscle and as a result do not see any improvement in their condition.

Done properly kegels strengthen weak PC muscles resulting in strengthened contraptions and increased control. With increased control many often experience more sensation and stronger orgasms. Moreover many studies and doctors claim that the best way to isolate and exercise the kegel muscles with a resistance based exercise device. Chances of incontinence increase with age and childbirth. The best way of preventing this problem is through proper resistant-based exercise.