For millions of women in the US and worldwide, sexual satisfaction has all too often become an unachievable fantasy. The effects of an impaired sex-life can mean loss of passion in the relationship, psychological disorders as well as depression. As a result, the sufferer feels both inadequate in their daily life as well as with their partner.

Age, childbirth, and a failure to exercise properly cause a weakening of the PC muscle. This can often have dyer sexual consequences. The immense loss of sensitivity can take away from the natural joy and pleasure of intercourse, preventing the female from experiencing orgasm. Both partners experience a decrease in sensitivity resulting in less pleasurable sex. Women are increasingly less likely to experience orgasm due to this condition. In fact, 33-80% of women are not able to achieve orgasms as a direct result of the weakening of the PC muscle. That is over 30 million women in the United States alone, and close to 200 million worldwide.

Resistant exercises specifically target the PC muscles, working to contract and expand them. Within just several, easy five-minute exercise sessions, the results are noticeable. The muscle takes on its original shape and elasticity, and resumes its vital function.

With the development of stronger PC muscles, you can control sexual intercourse. The strength of the PC muscle allows for a strong grip on the partner’s penis. As a result, sexual pleasure and sensitivity is enhanced for both partners. Resistant exercises provide for increased vaginal and pelvic blood flow, directly increasing sensitivity and rejuvenating the entire genital organ. The ability to achieve orgasm is again within your reach.

Sexual relationships are of vital importance at any age. It is important to keep passion in the bedroom as we age. Whether due to lack of practice, aging or childbirth, the laxity of the PC muscles can have profound effects on intercourse. After childbirth, the stretching of the muscles is so substantial that many women even resort to surgical procedures to shorten the muscle and sew back the virginal ‘tightness’ in order to achieve intercourse that is more enjoyable. These procedures, however, are often costly, requiring invasive surgery and are usually unnecessary. Mother Nature provided a natural means for regaining one’s youthful ‘tightness’. Dr. Arnold Kegel inadvertently discovered the key to prolonging and maintaining a fit vagina, through a set of exercises referred to as Kegels.