The KegelPro works on a principle developed decades ago by gynecologist Arnold Kegel. Dr. Kegel proved that properly exercising the pubcoccygeal (PC) muscle could cure over 90% of women from the condition known as incontinence. The PC muscle allows for regulation and control of bladder functions, such as urination. Dr. Kegel developed exercises known as Kegels for working out and developing greater strength of these PC muscles.

KegelPro took Dr. Kegel’s principles one-step further in order to develop an exerciser capable of specifically targeting the PC muscles for a more effective exercise. By applying Kegel’s methods to sexual sensation and rejuvenation enhancement the revolutionary KegelPro was created. What could be better than improving your health while simultaneously bringing a new world of excitement and incredible sexual pleasure to the bedroom.

Gynecologists worldwide have been recommending Kegel exercises to patients with incontinence problems. However, often times inefficient exercises may lead to harmful side effects. Over 50% of women that have attempted to do Kegel exercise use the wrong set of muscles. Improper exercising may lead to stress of the wrong muscles, and can often cause unnecessary and dangerous back pains. The PC muscle is located about two inches within the vagina, making the proper locating and isolating difficult during exercise. The KegelPro is designed to specifically target the PC muscle, thus providing for a more effective workout. After just a single five-minute exercise with the KegelPro, results are noticeable, as one is better able to control contractions of the PC muscles, bringing back urinary regulation and sexual control.